Agave tequilana

Tequila is produced from the heart of the Agave (piña or cabeza).

The Agave tequilana is indigenous to Mexico. This Agave thrives in rich and sandy soils. It grows in regions that typically do not experience temperatures below 25°F or above 97°F. It is a medium-sized Agave that forms spreading rosettes with thin, rigid and blue green leaves. It suckers from the base. At full maturity, it has an approximate diameter/height of 4' - 6'. Growing season takes place during the summer months.

The Agave tequilana requires full sun to partial shade (or very high interior lighting). This species is not as drought tolerant and requires more water than most Agaves. Water your plant, but allow it to completely dry before providing more water. Fertilize once during the summer growing season with a balanced fertilizer.

The Agave tequilana has been cultivated in Mexico for more than 200 years for the production of the distilled liquor “Tequila”. Tequila is produced from the heart (piña or cabeza). The piña is typically harvested in its 8th - 12th year. One mature piña produces approximately 5 litres of Tequila. The heart, resembling a giant pineapple, is stripped of its leaves near the base and cooked in an oven to convert the raw starches into sugars. Additionally, similar alcoholic Mexican beverages (i.e., mezcal and pulque), are produced by utilizing different extraction methods from the same plant.


Great candidate for xeriscaping-

1. Lower water needs
2. Low to no maintenance

Usable materials-

1. Soap and other products can be made from fibres and pulp
2. Tequila, mezcal and pulque are brewed from this species


1. This Agave is a fantastic candidate for containers because of its smaller size

Plant Details
USDA Zone Information: 
Flower : 
Ideal Light Conditions: 
Full sun to partial shade
Ideal Water Conditions: 
Moderate in summer/Dry in winter
Mature Height: 
4' - 6'
Mature Width: 
4' - 6'
Latin Name: 
Agave tequilana
Common Name: 
Tequila Agave, Blue Agave, Weber Blue Agave

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